The Legend of Zelda, re-imagined as an Ancient Indian Epic

A passion project which merged my love of Indian mythology with my favourite video game series. These designs were featured on A Fresh Take on The Legend of Zelda.

These designs are based on/inspired by the Vedic Period of India’s history, as well as a bit of the Mauryan era. Outside of research, some of my visual inspiration came from the nostalgic Chandamama magazine illustrations of the 70s-90s (a comics magazine from India that features illustrated mythological stories), as well as the Mahabharata TV serials (both the 80s/90s version and the 2010s version).

Character design notes and sketches. Each design calls back to common themes and traits of the individual characters from the series. Princess Zelda’s redesign was predominantly based on her Twilight Princess look.

Prince Ahmed and the Fairy

Slugterra: Slug it Out! Character designs (DHX Media)

Bud Farm: Grass Roots Costume Designs (Eastside Games)